April 6, 2022

2022 USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festival Schedule Released
The USA Junior Olympic Sailing Festivals are NEW for 2022 with an updated format, returning to the original mission to capture the Olympic spirit and introduce youth sailors to their next steps in the sport. Each festival will feature on-water boat demos and on-shore activities for youth racers to experience fast, fun, modern sailing and learn from industry experts.
Key Highlights of the Festivals: Boat demos featuring modern boats and boards On-shore clinic sessions and activities for youth racers Modular format gives participants the chance to engage in multiple activities Parent education on racing pathways, Olympic development, college sailing, and more
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US Sailing Issues Further Guidance on Athletes from Russia and BelarusThe US Sailing Board of Directors last week approved an amendment to the US Sailing Prescription to RRS 76.1 – Exclusion of Boats or Competitors, providing a framework for organizing authorities to exclude sailors from Russia and Belarus, in accordance with World Sailing policy, should they choose to do so.
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U.S. Youth Championship – Register or Apply by April 15
Youth sailors – don’t miss the big show! The U.S. Youth Championship, US Sailing’s premier youth event, is coming to Mission Bay Yacht Club in San Diego, California on June 23-26th, and registration is now open! International 420, 29er, Nacra 15, ILCA 7, and iQFOiL class registration is OPEN NOW, on a first-come, first-served basis until April 15th.ILCA 6 class is by resume application – apply by April 15th. See you in San Diego!
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Keep Up With the Team at the Princesa Sofía Regatta!
1,093 competitors making up 843 boats and representing 62 nations have set up camp in Palma de Mallorca for the largest Olympic class regatta since the Tokyo 2020 Games. Part of the Hempel World Cup Series, the popular Princesa Sofía regatta is back after a two-year break due to Covid-19, and the boat park is buzzing with excitement for the first of two regattas this year that gathers all Olympic class boats in one place. Keep up with the US Sailing Team through daily text and social updates!
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Apply for a Reach Grant!
Is your club or organization looking to engage youth and enhance career opportunities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics while fostering Environmental Stewardship? Apply for a US Sailing Reach Grant! US Sailing is accepting applications through Monday, May 2nd.
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Race Official Training

Organize a Race Official Certification Seminar at your Club
Is your club’s race committee in need of some new certified Race Officers, Judges and Umpires? US Sailing is now offering both ONLINE and IN-PERSON options for Race Official training seminars. In-Person seminars must follow local Covid Guidelines. Please contact the Race Administration Department with any questions.
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US Sailing Race Official Certification
NOW is the time to register for a US Sailing Race Official training seminar to become certified as a Race Officer, Judge or Umpire. Please see the link below to find a seminar that works for you. More seminars are being added regularly, so If you do not see one that works for you keep watching the seminar calendars. Or you can always contact the Race Administration Department to let us know what you are looking for.
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Weekly Rules Quiz From Dave Perry

Quiz Yourself!  
Dave Perry’s 100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes highlights specific aspects of the racing rules in a fun format designed to help you become more familiar with The Racing Rules of Sailing. Increase your knowledge of the rules and your racing will improve. 
Boats P (on port tack) and S (on starboard tack) are beating to windward. P tacks into a position just in front of S. When P reaches a close-hauled course, she is a few feet clear ahead of S. S, who has not needed to change course prior to that moment to avoid P, immediately luffs above a close-hauled course, avoids contact and protests. You are on the protest committee; how would you decide this?

This quiz was excerpted from Dave Perry’s 100 Best Racing Rules Quizzes available from US Sailing.
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Member Benefit 

Learn with North U
North U knows there’s not just one way to learn how to sail. They offer online courses, webinars and workbooks to help you get through the technicalities. As a US Sailing Member you have access to special pricing on North U’s resources. Visit North U to learn more about their courses and login to your My US Sailing Member Coupons page to access the promo code and save 20% today!
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