COVID-19 Burgee Program Risk Management Guide Insurance & Safety Resources

Gowrie Group, US Sailing’s insurance partner, has developed a COVID-19 Burgee Program Risk Management Guide to help Sailing Organizations navigate the COVID-19 outbreak. The guide focuses on helping organizations make safe operational decisions amid a very complex and rapidly evolving environment. Gowrie recommends forming a COVID-19 Task Force to lead the organization through complying with the established CDC guidelines and all related federal, state, public heath, and local laws and mandates.

Ultimately, the decisions of when to open, and what programs and services to offer, will need to be made by the organization’s leadership and legal counsel. These are not easy decisions to make. The health, safety, and welfare of your members and staff should always be the top priority. Gowrie’s Burgee Program team is available to answer your questions and be of assistance at
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