PIYA is devoted to supporting and standardizing the development and use of common racing standards under which Pacific Northwest and BC sailors can race within their respective yacht clubs and organizations. This organization…

• Functions as the Pacific Northwest US (Area L) regional sailing association of the United States Sailing Association, the national US racing authority.

• Assists in the Coordination of USSA Area L racing activities, including area elimination racing events leading toward national US Sailing Championships, resolving racing protest appeals above the yacht club level, and providing racing judging support, and support for major area racing events.

• Maintains a standard set of racing sailboat equipment and accommodation standards via the Safety Equipment Requirements. Boats racing under PIYA must subscribe to and allow a safe and equitable boat-racing environment.

• Provides direction for adequate safety inspection.

• Supporting standardized yacht rating systems under which member yacht clubs may conduct racing events and accept boats equitably from other areas/across border for these race events.

• Provides sail numbers to PHRF boats of member clubs in Washington Oregon, Idaho and Montana. – For US Sail numbers please fill out this application: For British Columbia sail numbers, please contact Nancy Chow at BC Sailing.